Lothario’s Tornado Free Recordings Album Now Available to Stream for FREE!

My band Lothario is happy to announce that after a long, long process we finally have some new music available for you, our fans, to listen to. The EP that we started recording over a year ago on May 22nd, 2011 is finally done mixing and has been mastered and we put it on our website to stream for FREE last Friday. The album is titled Tornado Free Recordings because May 22nd was the day that we started recording this project and was also the day that the tornado crossed the northside of Minneapolis last spring. In addition to this freak weather event bringing an abrupt halt to our recording session as CJ and I rushed home to see if our houses were damaged, all of the work we had done that day was no good because of a mic clip that was rattling in the drums and we had to start all over. My house was okay, but CJ’s was a total loss. So while he dealt with insurance companies and estimators and finding a new temporary home we all got back at it and finished re-recording these songs last fall. We came up with the name Tornado Free Recordings as both a tribute to or friends, relatives, and neighbors who lost so much in the storm, and also as kind of a “fuck you” to the storm that completely altered our plans for this release.
As things unfolded, CJ ended up moving out of state to be closer to his family, and so these recordings mean that much more to Lothario now, as they may be the last ones that the five of us record together for quite some time. The four of us that are still living in the Twin Cities are currently working on some new material, and hope to start recording Lothario’s first full length studio album this fall.
But for now, the five songs that we started recording that fatefull day last spring are finally available for the world to hear. You can stream them online right now on the music player on http://www.lotharioband.com/ at www.lotharioband.com/music_player.html or on our ReverbNation page at www.reverbnation.com/lotharioband.
In the very near future we will have this album available for digital purchase online — look for that announcement in the coming days, and we are working on printing the physical tangible copies of the EP now. That might not be done for a couple of months, but when it is we plan to throw one hell of a CD release party, which will include a Lothario set with CJ and one without him of some of our new stuff. And of course performances by some of our friends in town here (see “the fam” links to your right).

Here is the album art for this project:
Front Cover:
The back cover of the TFR EP

Back Cover:
The front cover of the Tornado Free Recordings Extended Play

Top of CD:
The actual CD artwork for the TFR EP

Thank you for listening!

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The Ill Pirsona is a Minneapolis emcee and musician. He also performs in the live-band hip-hop group Lothario.

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